Spam Prevention

Almost any information system that is open to anonymous users is subject to spam. As a wiki the situation for Doc5 is no different. If your installation is publicly accessible on the internet, then it’s likely that you’ll be subject to spammers. Doc5 deals with spam in a couple of different ways.

  • Page owners can make their pages view-only/protected for everyone but those you trust.
  • Admin members can require the use of a captcha system that validates input as human.

If you do find that your installation is being spammed I suggest you look at that second option. It will prevent almost all spam immediately but does add an extra step for your real users.

Too late - you’ve been spammed? Well you can run through a clean up of your wiki by doing the following things,

  • Look through the Activity timeline while logged in as an admin user and you’ll be able to see the IP address for each change you think is spam.
  • Using the links from the Activity view you can manually tidy up the pages or delete comments. Use the rollback function in the History area for each page to make things easier.
  • Add the IP address of the spammer to the IP Block List. This will stop anyone from that IP address being able to view or edit most content in your Doc5 installation.

It’s a difficult task preventing spam of any kind while minimising the impact on legitimate users. Doc5 gives you a few different configurations and options to help you out. We do try and keep up with current techniques and implement them into Doc5 where possible.


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