Spam and Graffiti in Doc5

Like all wiki systems on the internet, the information added to pages in Doc5 is not always correct, fact based or even wanted. If your page is open to all users for editing then it may get changed for better or worse.

In most cases you can simply undo the changes by viewing the History to see what changed. In other cases, especially those of repeated page abuse, you can contact the Doc5 administrators who can ban or suspend users.

It is highly recommended that Pages important to you are either marked as Protected or Private. The downside to this is that others knowledgeable on the Page content cannot add information or correct your errors.

Important: We don’t advise anyone to use Doc5 or any other web based tool to store confidential data.

Why have you been sent here?

It’s possible you have been automatically sent to this page after attempting to add to some discussion. If so, then you may have inadvertently used a few too many links which has then been flagged as spam.

By default Doc5 has a limit of five links per discussion item. This can be changed by the administrator.

If you are trying to create discussion items on a page and have a URL or two in the page name or category, you are probably a spammer. No pages in Doc5 are allowed URLs in their titles - it just throws a few too many spanners in the works for most browsers.


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