Protected Pages or "View Only"

Under some circumstances you may wish to prevent others from making changes to a page that you own. Protecting the page or making it View Only.

When a page is protected it is still viewable by everyone but no-one other than the owner can edit it. The normal Edit button will not be available to other users.

To make a page View Only, open it and click on the Edit button. If you are the owner of the page you will be able to click on the More button below the content area and select Permissions. Change the default permissions and any specific permissions assigned to users as you see fit.

But I Want Access to a Protected Page

If you are not the person who set the page to be View Only and you wish to make changes, then you have to ask the page owner. To do this, simply view the page in question and click on the Request Change Access menu item from the Page menu at the top of the screen. A message in Doc5 will be automatically sent to the correct person with your request.

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