Page Permissions

To view or change the current permissions, edit a page and click on the More button below the content area. The screen shot below shows an example of the permissions interface when editing a page. The owner of the page is Mike who has been automatically assigned Full Control and cannot be removed or altered. The other user, Anonymous, has been given View access only. Above the list of users you can also set the permissions that will apply to all other users who access the page. In this case every one else will be able to view and edit this page.

Adding a Doc5 user to the list of specific permissions is as simple as starting to type their name and selecting it from the list that will appear. They will be added to the list of users and by default, be assigned View & Edit permissions.

To alter the permissions of a user you have already listed, just use the drop-down menu next to their name. You’ll see some feedback appear below the user list to tell you it’s been done.

Removing someone from the list of users is as simple as clicking the Remove icon to the right side of the list. They will be removed immediately and now be subject to the default permissions applied to the page.

Remember that as you make changes to the page permissions, the security is changed instantly. You do not have to save the page or make changes to it’s content, for the permissions to be set. The security changes you make to a page are also logged and viewable in the Activity - only to you. Other users will not be able to see the changes you’ve made.

Applies to: v2015xxxx, 201601xx


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