Page History & Revisions

Each time a page has changes saved the previous revision is kept in an archive. This means that all the changes are visible through the Page»History menu at the top of each wiki page.

The table of changes contains the date and time the update occurred, who made the changes, and how different the content is from its previous version. If you're an administrator you'll also see the IP address the change was made from.

To compare revisions it’s simply a case of selecting two different versions with the check boxes and then click the “Compare Revisions” button. A new screen will then show highlighted changes between the two. Use the blue button to revert the page to the older of the versions you have selected.

When you revert to an earlier version of a page that version will become the current version. While other attributes of a page will also revert back to that of the earlier version, the owner and page count will remain the same. This prevents someone from being able to change the page owner and then be able to manipulate permissions.

Important: When you choose to revert a page to a previous version, all changes to content in the current version and those later than what you have selected will be lost. This is an irreverisble action.

By viewing what changes were made it is possible to roll back any incorrect information or remove spam. See Spam and Graffiti for more info on controlling unwanted changes.


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