Creating Pages

Adding your own content on existing pages is fairly obvious, just click the Edit button in the top right. If you're viewing a page and don't see the Edit button it means you do not have permission to do so. But how do you create a brand new Page?

When you click on an internal link to another Doc5 page, you’ll see a information page saying that the topic does not yet exist and a button labelled “Create this Page”. Clicking that button takes you to the normal page edit mode and when you save your changes the page is created.

So there are two ways to create a new page:

  1. In an existing page, create a link to your new page. View your page, follow the link the click the “Create this Page” button.
  2. Click on the Create link in the top menu available in most pages. You'll then be prompted for a category and a page name and when you click the Create button you'll be taken to the normal content editing view.


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