Why wait for a message to be delivered to some external system when Doc5 has it’s own internal messaging? It’s an easy way for users to communicate directly without the publicity of using comments in a page.

Creating or reading a message is very simple, just log in and either click on your name in the top right or on the Messages link in your user menu. You’ll see a list of any messages you’ve received and clicking on the New Message button will let you compose and send one to someone else. An icon with the count of unread messages will show next to your user name in the top right when you have messages waiting.

You’ll also see a Sent Items button that will allow you to switch between your Inbox and anything sent by you or at your request. This will include things like requests for access to someone else’s pages.

Automated Messages

Some messages you receive may be automatically created by Doc5 when someone asks for access to your pages, or if content you created has been flagged as inappropriate.

These will appear like any other messages and identify themselves as being sent from the Doc5 system or an administrator user.


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