Managing Users

For the most part, user management is self-controlling as people sign up themselves. Depending on the authorisation system you’ve selected this may be more automated if you’re using LDAP and Active Directory group membership.

Signing in with other services is also available in Doc5 releases in 2016. See related pages for,

Adding Users

As an administrator you don’t need to create users manually. Users can create their own account via the login page and will be able to login immediately.

If you’re using the LDAP authentication option users will NOT be allowed to create their own accounts. When they use their LDAP account name, they must also use their LDAP account password.

User Roles

Each user automatically creates their own logon by signing up and is set at a level of one. The administrator(s) can block a user from logging onto Doc5 which then sets their user-level to zero (0). An administrator has a user-level of ten (10).

In the near future the roles within Doc5 will be further refined and include the ability to assign users to groups and associate groups with the application roles.

Deleting Users

An administrator cannot delete a user but they can suspend them. The reason for this is that deleting a user would potentially create orphan pages and a history trail that no longer makes sense. To completely remove a user you will need to manually remove them and their related records (author and updater of pages, ownership of categories, activity records, etc) from the database. it is not recommended that you remove a user in this way.


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