Licensing your Content

In some cases the creator of original content may wish to license their work, even if it is just a page in this wiki. Doc5 gives you the option to apply a license type from the Creative Commons (CC) group. When you apply a license to your work it will appear below your page content with a small description and link.

The CC license options range from ‘all rights reserved’ to ‘no rights reserved’ and the typical license for a Wiki is the ‘Attribution Share-Alike‘. However, by default no license is applied to your content unless you decide to do so.

For more information on the licenses you should use the Creative Commons license wizard. If you would like to see more licensing options please contact the Doc5 team with your thoughts.

Applying a License

To give one of your works a license, simply edit that page and click the Apply a Content License link from the More menu button. You can then choose from one of the available CC licenses. You cannot apply a license to a page while creating it.

Anyone with edit access to a page can apply the license. If that person is not the owner then a message will be sent to the owner when the license is applied.


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