Blocking IP Addresses

Doc5 can block spammers using bots, by using their IP addresses to prevent the creation or editing of any wiki pages. This method is only useful in some cases and would affect any client computers using that public IP address. It should be used as the last option if your site is the victim of a particularly persistent user or bot, as it affects any users coming from that IP; now or in the future.

If a user's IP is being blocked they will be redirected to the 403: Unauthorised page and be shown a simple message. They will be redirected to this page for ANY page they visit to either view or edit.


Obviously the use of an IP blacklist is not an advanced way to block access, but it is a simple, effective way. A person can easily work around the restriction by changing their IP and you're back to square one.

For a user to have their IP removed from the blacklist, they must contact an admin user of the site. It's expected that this process will be followed by legitimate users only and include the admin accepting any explanation for the reason the IP was blocked in the first place.


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