Attachment Versions

This is one of the simple but really handy features of the Doc5 file management system. Often when you save your images or documents, you might have to overwrite and lose anything with the same name, or have to remove the old copy first.

With Doc5 anytime that you upload a file of the same name as one that’s already here, it will be accepted as a new version. The original file will be moved into a separate folder and given a version number. It still shows up in your list of files and you can do handy things like view the old versions or revert to them at any time.

An example of the same file uploaded multiple times with new versions created each time.

As your old versions are still available you can continue to use them in your pages for reference. It’s simple to remember which one’s the original thanks to each file starting life as version 0 (zero).

Be careful deleting files with older versions. You will be prompted, but if you delete a file then you will also delete all previous versions of that file.

In the case of another Doc5 user attempting to upload a file with the same name as one of yours, they’ll be prompted to rename their file. So your files remain all your own.

See also Uploading Files


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