Doc5 can act as an open wiki allowing all users access to edit functions or can require user permissions at a category or page level. New features are regularly added, but if there is anything you need that can fit into the product road map, please let us know.

As always, your feedback will help to keep some features or kill off others.


  • Making a change to a page requires no knowledge of any code - no HTML, CSS, PHP or other acronyms needed.
  • A simple toolbar helps you to insert the right formatting, links, images or code into your page.
  • Enter content in any language, from На берегу пустынных волн to मैं काँच खा सकता हूँ और मुझे उससे कोई चोट नहीं पहुंचती to أنا قادر على أكل الزجاج و هذا لا يؤلمني.
  • Users can upload files as Attachments. A simple linking mechanism inserts these into pages. Handy for image files, PDFs to help enrich your documentation.


  • Each change to a page is saved in that page's History and can be recovered with a mouse click. View the differences between versions easily or just see who made the last few changes.
  • Don’t want anyone else to see or edit your page’s content? No problems, just change the Page Security.
  • Your War and Peace epic has been typed out and you’d rather that only you and your editor can make changes? Simple, just change the permissions and add your editor as someone with view/edit rights.
  • Categories and pages can use a simple concept of ownership whereby the first regular author becomes the owner.
  • Logged in users can view all the pages they created and the categories they own.
  • Each page has a nifty little box of information called Page Info that shows the basics when you want to see the who, what and when.
  • You can apply a license to your content from the Creative Commons that appears at the bottom of your page. This lets other users know if they can re-use your content.
  • Uploading a file of the same name, as you’ve already saved, automatically creates a new version of that file. Each version is saved and you can roll back to any previous version.
  • A simple Activity timeline tracks the changes happening throughout the wiki.
  • Any pages that you own can be exported to an XML file and reimported to another Doc5 installation. It’s also a simple way of making off-line edits.
  • Easy searching using +iwantthis or -idontwantthis type options for filtering out the stuff you don’t want.


  • Commenting on a page with other community members means not having to ‘argue’ through plenty of page edits.
  • Users can send messages to each other without disclosing their email addresses. Each member has their own messaging area which holds an Inbox and Sent Items.
  • Automatically report potentially inappropriate page content or comments to the admin team.
  • If you see something you think a friend may like, you share a link with them without leaving the site.

Run Your Own Doc5 App

If you download Doc5 and install it yourself you’ll also benefit from the following tools to help guide rather than control your users.

  • Doc5 is released as an Open Source product under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • A simple installation process that’ll give you a working system in a few minutes.
  • Doc5 uses the same tried and proven Apache, PHP and MySQL systems that power much of the internet.
  • Simple category and page management.
  • The ability to censor and remove inappropriate content while automatically advising the users involved.
  • Built-in use of Google Captcha tools to help prevent spam.
  • Block IP addresses of persistent spammers or extreme repeat offenders of site policy.
  • Simple admin option to include Google Analytics code in each page.
  • Change the look and feel of your Doc5 installation by editing the CSS files.


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