Creating an Account

Signing up for your own logon is free and easy, but you’re not obliged to do so. Anyone can edit unprotected pages without logging in.

The benefits of having a logon are that you can claim ownership of categories and pages, track your own pages, protect your pages from changes, make your pages hidden (private) and receive updates when your pages are modified.

Create an Account

To create your own account just click on the link “Create Account” link in the top right of any page. Fill in your name, the username you’d like and a valid email address and a password. Your email address is required to send you notifications abut page changes and for any password resets. When you create an account an email is sent to the address you provided to validate it.

Your email address is not shared with any third party and does not show to other users. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

That’s it. Just click the Create My Account button and you'll be signed in.


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