Category Ownership and Permissions

Categories in Doc5 are groups of cages with a similar subject. Anyone can use the wiki concept of open editing and changes to add and change these pages, but sometimes we’d like to prevent that.

You can use permissions at a page level to restrict who can do what to pages that you own, and you can do the same thing for categories. Once a category has an owner claim it, that person can then set permissions on the category. Any permissions set at the page level will still take precedence.

To claim ownership of a category, you must first already be the owner of all the pages in that category, so you can’t just go and claim any category.

Once you are defined as the category owner, only you or those with permission can create or edit pages in that category. This allows you to form groups of specialists on a subject and gives you control on your content. Other users will still be able to view pages in your category (unless they’re also marked as private) but will not be able to edit them or create new ones.

Why do you have do be the owner of all a category’s pages to be able to claim ownership? It stops just anyone claiming categories that others already have an interest in i.e. hijacking a subject. If someone wants to claim a category that other users have Pages in, then that user must be passed ownership of those pages. By giving away ownership of their pages, the other users are giving credibility to the new category owner and showing trust in that person. Without that trust the category cannot be claimed by one person.


Where disputes about ownership of a category arise, any user can message the site admin who can then revoke ownership if needed.


Bob owns five pages in the category called Movies. The pages are SupermanGigliDriving Miss DaisyBattlefield Earth and Spiderman.

Brenda is the owner of two pages in the Movies Category - Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail.

Bob sends a message to Brenda saying that he’d like to claim ownership of the Movies category as he’s a part-time movie blogger with a good following online. He’s tired of people changing his pages saying that some of his favorite movies are stinkers. He wants facts and not opinions!

Brenda trusts Bob, so gives him ownership of her two pages on the condition that she retains permissions in the Movies category. Bob now owns all the pages and from his user settings now has the chance to claim the category. He does so with a click of the mouse and also gives Brenda permissions.

Other users can then send messages to Bob and ask to be given permissions. It’s Bob’s decision to then approve or deny their request.

If you have content in a category that someone wants to become and admin of, you are under no obligation to hand over ownership of your content.


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