In general terms an Attachment is a file that you’ve uploaded and can link to from a page. Anyone with an account in the Doc5 installation can upload a file with a few restrictions set by the administrator.

Attachments are limited by size and file type. The default size allowed is 4MB but this can be changed to any reasonable value - although the web server running Doc5 may also need to have this limitation changed.

Typical file types that are allowed are normal images, documents and compressed files. If you attempt to upload a file that is not allowed you will receive a message explaining this and advising on what the server thought the file type is.

When logged in, you are able to click on the Attachments link in the top right user menu or in the More pop-up menu when editing a page. From there you can upload files or view anything you may have previously uploaded. Files can be viewed or deleted.


Once the file has been successfully saved onto the Doc5 server, you can link to them or include them from the image options when editing a page.


Doc5 offers versioning for your uploaded files. Each time you upload a file with the same name as one already saved, a new version will be created.

Versions all have the same file name but include version numbers that start at zero and increment. Each version is visible in the Attachments section including it’s size and upload time. Deleting the latest version of a file will remove that file and move things back to the next most recent version.

Doc5 is only limited by the server disk space or your web host for the number and size of files that users can upload.


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